Smiles! Packed and Shipped!

So today I sent the cookies packing! Er I packed the cookies up and sent them on their way?… The cookies have left the building.

I’ll be thankful if just one makes it there intact. From searching around the net I see lots of ways to pack cookies up but I am in the unique position of trying to fit it in a flat rate box so it can be shipped overseas and still cost under $15 a box.

Here is my current method (which may need adjusting after my husband tells me how the cookies fared in their journey).

Firstly I get the free large flat rate FPO boxes from the post office. I order the packs of 25 because they deliver them to your doorstep and I cut up some of the boxes to help while packing.

I put the cookies in the little tin pans you can buy at the grocery store. They square ones fit into the boxes pretty well and are also the perfect size for how I seal them up further down in this post.

Smiles 1

I layer the bottom of the tin with my first set of cookies!

Smiles 2

Next I put a layer of parchment paper between the layers of cookies so they don’t stick to each other.

Smiles 3

I continue layering them up until I reach the top of the tin. Generally 3-4 layers.

From here I use my awesome FoodSaver… Funny thing about the FoodSaver…. When I started dating my husband and we had our first Christmas together I asked him for a FoodSaver with the intentions of vacuum sealing cookies for him while he was deployed. It took nearly 3 years for him to deploy since that Christmas and now it is finally being used for it’s intended purpose! Anyways, as I mentioned above I love the little square tins because they fir PERFECTLY in the 11 inch FoodSaver bags.

Smiles 7

Here is everybody lined up and sealed away!

Smiles 8

Onto the packing! I generally use reusable bags when I go to the grocery store but every time I’m about to send a package I use plastic bags (and snag a few extra) and use them for cushioning. I ball up 3-4 on the bottom of the box.

Smiles 10

Then I cut up an extra large box to a piece that I can fit inside the built up box I am shipping and place that over the bags.

Smiles 9 Smiles 11

Time to place a tin of cookies in! And cushion all around the exterior of it with more plastic bags.

Smiles 12

Then I place another cut up box insert on top of the first layer and repeat the process until there is just a little space left until the box is full. Then more plastic bags on top to cushion the top part of the box.

Smiles 13

And I’m done! Just need to close it up and tape it shut!

2 thoughts on “Smiles! Packed and Shipped!

  1. Brandon should feel very loved with all you do to let him know that you are thinking of him. Each cookie is packed with love.

    • Thanks! I have a great time making stuff for him and the rest of his group. If he can’t be here while I make stuff for him then this is the next best thing. 🙂

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