I have some time on my hands right now. My husband us a USMC Logistics Officer and he is currently deployed to Afghanistan. It is the first time he has deployed since we have been together, it’s not so horrible but I definitely need to find things to do to pass the time… Other than cleaning, that’s just not fun.

While I mostly am interested in cake decorating those just aren’t practical to ship 7000+ miles! So I have been forced into the cookie realm. I’m not sure what I think of it yet… Dough and I don’t quite understand each other currently. Hopefully that will work itself out over time. Nevertheless, as I enjoy decorating, drop cookies just weren’t doing it for me. So I decided to try flood icing cookies.

Trying to come up with ideas for a Marine is difficult. Flowers and cutesie things just don’t really cut it. My first attempt of flood icing cookies was about 3 weeks ago… I made hearts but it as our first anniversary so it was an excusable shape! This time I got my inspiration from a stuffed TY happy face ball I was sending off to him. Why and I sending off a TY stuffed “animal”?… He was mentioning he was having a few stressful days and I saw this little yellow smiley face plush ball staring at me in Hallmark…While it was making me smile I thought he may enjoy throttling it across the room to relieve some stress. Plushies never hate you no matter how much you abuse them!

So, there you have it. Smiley face cookies. How can you smile when you see these little guys just waiting to be eaten!

I need to find a better picture management plugin but this will do for now.

Next post I’ll show how I packed them up for their nearly 8000 miles journey!

4 thoughts on “Smile!

    • Thank you! I’ll have to wait for them to get received to see if they survived… hehe. 😀 It takes about 8-12 days for them to get there. The FoodSaver is great for keeping things fresher for such a long delivery time!

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